16 Nov 2011

Pathetic Me

It's weird thinking that you are surrounded by so many people, but deep inside your heart you feel so alone. Lonely. That is how i feel. Honestly, when  i read Hanis Zalikha's entry on Kepentingan Bestfriend, i couldn't relate any of those kelebihan to myself. Pity me, ha?

It's true, like i said before that I'm surrounded  by many people, but i don't have what i called sahabat sejati. True friend. No, I'm not being demanding. I'll be good when you do the same to me. But it seems very hard for me to find a friend who can accept me for who i am. A person who tried to understand my deeds instead of judging.

And yes, i don't need a friend who changes when i change and who nods when i nod. My shadow does that much better. I need a friend who can tell me what's wrong about myself because i might not recognize it by myself. I need a friend who are not afraid to tell me the truth even it's hurt, for the sake of myself.

Oh boy, am i asking for too much? If only i can learn that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change.


Anonymous said...

sokay la dear..

jadilah seseorang yang diperlukan semua orang daripada menjadi seseorang yang memerlukan semua orang.

u got what i mean kan? =)

semoga awk happy sentiasa..


saya pun tak ada so called "BFF"


kawan makan kawan ramai

miss lovaa said...

yeah..u're right..nowadays,its hard to find sahabat sejati..

::ini belog saya . cinta hati saya:: said...

makin lama makin susah untuk jumpa sahabat yang sejati kan

NZ Diaz said...

Gemini ke? haha